Newborn Retouching
For many newborn baby photographers editing and retouching can be a long and laborious task. As specialists in baby photography editing we know the problems you may be facing with your newborn retouching. As most newborn imagery always needs a little bit of work we recommend you start off with our standard service. By choosing this service you will have finished images ready to show clients and send straight to the lab.
Newborn Retouching Services:

Standard Newborn Retouching

Newborn baby skin can often be quite dry and sometimes spotty. Along with blotchy areas of skin we’ll clean up flakey areas. If baby’s skin is very bad you might need your images to be retouched to our premium standard but we’ll let you know if that is the case before we start work.
Jaundice is a common problem with newborns as is tonal consistency of skin colours. We’ll take the skin to a natural colour and match areas like pink feet or hands to the rest of the body. Sometimes where newborns are photographed with parents the tonal differences can be quite apparent. Skin colour matching is also included in our Standard service.

Premium Newborn Retouching

If you are looking for more than is already covered in our standard newborn retouching then we might recommend you images are given our premium editing treatment.
For newborn photographers that are safety creating the froggy pose, baby on a swing, the potato sack pose or other baby in prop shots that require a composite to be created then we can do that all for you.
Other premium services for newborn photographers might also include head swaps, adding or removing complicated objects in the frame or body reshaping.

If you are unsure which service you require send us a sample of your newborn imagery in RAW format with a short description of your needs. We will create a quote for your job based on your needs before any work is carried out.

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