Portrait Retouching
Whether you’re a studio photographer or location based we are more than happy to accommodate your needs. If you’re sending proof head-shots or just want your images to have a basic processing before a client viewing the basic portrait editing is for you. For family portrait viewings we always recommend you only show images that have been given at least this basic edit. Our standard editing clients normally fall into two groups: family portrait photographers or corporate photographers. Both types of photographer shave very different needs which is why we will work closely with you to get the right look for your clients.
Portrait Retouching 1
Portrait Retouching
Portrait Retouching
Portrait Retouching Services:

Standard Portrait Retouching

Our standard portrait editing covers the needs and both family and corporate photographers and their clients. For most family photographers who just want everyone looking their best in each and every image our standard service ticks most of the boxes. Along with skin work we’ll also take care of background cleaning, skin colour matching and the general tidiness of an image. For corporate head-shots and actor head-shots both need a subtle touch and a clean finish which is exactly what you’ll get with this service. Lines and wrinkles reduction is included along with detailed removal of skin blemishes and imperfections. Subtle teeth and eyes whitening and Stray hair removal adds that little extra finesse to your images.

Premium Portrait Retouching

Family portrait photography is all about making everyone look great. Sometimes that isn’t achieved in a single frame which is why we have people and object removal, head swaps and of course glare removal. Composites and montages for both family and corporate photography is increasingly more popular and all part of our premium service. Adding textures into backgrounds and complete background changes are often popular choices for many fine art portrait photographers. This is another service we can offer you to really take your portraits to the next level.

Each image is individually assessed and a quote created before any payment and work commences.

If you are unsure which service you require send us a sample of your portrait imagery in RAW format with a short description of your needs. We will create a quote for your job based on your needs before any work is carried out.

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