Maternity Retouching
Maternity or bump photography has become hugely popular in recent years so high quality editing can really make your work stand out from the crowd. If you want viewing ready images that don’t need too much work straight out of the camera then our basic service is for you. As the name suggests we’ll take care of the basics from sharpening to minor blemishes and spot removal. However, if you really want to impress a new mum and make he look the very best we recommend to begin with our standard maternity retouching service.
maternity editing 1
maternity editing 1
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Maternity Retouching Services

Standard Maternity Retouching

Subtly is the key to good maternity retouching which is why we include minor body reshaping like chin tightening and skin retouching as part of our standard maternity editing. Removal of stretch marks is always at the top of most mum’s requests when it comes to bump photography retouching and also included in our standard service. Hair always seems to play a large part in maternity photography which is why we make sure it’s all tidy and stray hairs are removed.

Premium Maternity Retouching

Sometimes a maternity client will want editing to be taken a bit further than what we might consider to be the standard amount. This might include slightly more advanced body reshaping or even background changes. Many maternity photographers use flowing fabrics in their bumps sessions, if composites are needed to create the perfect finished image then we can do this in our premium service.
Like all of our premium services each image is individually assessed and a quote created before any payment and work commences.

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If you are unsure which service you require send us a sample of your maternity imagery in RAW format with a short description of your needs. We will create a quote for your job based on your needs before any work is carried out.

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