Baby Retouching
If you are looking for baby retouching specialists then you have come to the right place. We endeavour to create natural looking edits for all our baby photographers. Babies come with a whole host of editing problems such as dry skin, dribble and of course more dribble. All of these problems can easily be overcome with one of our three baby photography editing services.
Our basic baby editing is what we call viewing ready images. If your photos are a good quality out of the camera and all they need is a basic polish then basic editing is for you. Minor blemishes and spot removal along with teeth and eyes whitening are included with sharpening and basic background cleaning.
Baby retouching
Baby Retouching Services:

Standard Baby Retouching

For images that are ready to go to the lab or sent to a client in a digital format our standard baby editing service is a must. As well as detailed removal of skin blemishes and imperfections we’ll take care of all of the skin retouching. If parents are included in the images they might also appreciate some lines and wrinkles reduction.

Premium Baby Retouching

Sometimes your image might need that little bit more TLC which is where are premium edition comes in. Body reshaping and head swaps are common requests especially when it comes to family portraits with older siblings. More advanced editing like cradle cap clean up, composites and background changes are all covered in our premium service.
Each and every image is individually assessed and a quote created before any payment and work commences.

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If you are unsure which service you require send us a sample of your Baby imagery in RAW format with a short description of your needs. We will create a quote for your job based on your needs before any work is carried out.

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Baby retouching